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Blissful Rd offers premier Full-Service Project Management for a variety of commercial ventures.​ We specialize in commercial renovation, and we strive to transform vacant or occupied spaces into elevated workspaces, through creative design innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and exemplary customer service. Our goal is to bring your vision to life and create lasting relationships.​

Not only can you expect high-quality work from our team, but you can expect a team you can trust, and one who will treat your project like it’s our own home or business.​ Over the past 10 years Blissful Rd has developed and overseen the construction of businesses across a multitude of industries.

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As experts in all phases of development, we can provide critical input at the design stage, working alongside the architect, and owner to help ensure the project's goals and financial structures are realistic, workable and successfully executed.


We develop schedules during design to determine the initial schedule, project duration, and critical project activities. We create schedules to monitor activities during construction, analyze changed conditions and delays, and evaluate their impact on project completion.

Post-construction, we use schedules to facilitate project closeout and analyze claims that arise.


Designing your businesses interior can be a stressful experience. At Blissful Rd, we want to take the stress out of designing your space and help you achieve the desired look without the hassle of having to think of every detail. Our team will be there to help make each area stand out.

Your vision becomes reality, and you have an office space that's ready for you and your team to do your best work!

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With our procurement and installation services we will make selections, evaluate and coordinate with suppliers, negotiate contracts, execute purchases, and confirm quality testing of goods and services needed for your project. 

Ensuring efficient and timely access to resources required for your project's success.

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