Get the Party Started

Last year I invited a small group to travel with me to Mexico. I came across this very new hotel, with few reviews, however, still manged to get my friends to try it out with me. It wasn't until our ride from the airport to the hotel, that I began to panic. What was I thinking bringing friends to a hotel in Mexico that no one knew about? What if we all hated it? For the next 20 minutes I sat in the back of the SUV quietly praying that we didn't make a mistake coming here. Finally, we drove through the gates, up the long driveway. As we made the turn to the front doors, I see a man glide through the doors holding a silver tray of champagne glasses...ready to greet us. This very image made me realize this vacation would be perfect. It was such a great feeling that I will never forget. So much, that I have my own "welcome drink" at my lake house. As our guests get out of their cars, tired from the long drive, what better way to greet them, than holding a tray of mason jars filled with vodka, lime and mint over ice and soda and a colorful straw. It is how I let my guests know, the party has started.

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