Making a Home Feel Like Home

Did you ever come across an object, such as a painting or sculpture, that made you feel at peace? Perhaps it was something of the past owned by your grandmother or father that brings back great memories? If an object can make you happy, then you need to own it and display it in your home so that every single time you look at it... you smile.

This past weekend I decorated a vacation home with pieces that the owner inherited from the loss of a loved one. The pieces were amazing; all the furniture was antique and carved by hand. Although these pieces brought joy to the owner, how would we incorporate the master-crafted, antique display table or the super-fancy dining set, in a relaxed and family-friendly vacation home?

Simple, we took that beautiful display table that was hiding in the corner and put it in clear sight. We positioned it in the dining area, topped it with beautiful cocktail glasses, shiny shakers and delicious bottles of bourbon, transforming this table into a cocktail bar. As for the dining table, we uncovered it for all to admire. Then we reupholstered the too-elegant seat cushions with a casual ticking stripe fabric. This dining room that always existed, became a useful and practical area for casual dinners and entertaining, with just a few simple changes.

Try using furniture NOT the way it was intended....make it functional to fit your lifestyle.

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