Complimentary WiFi Included

In a society of the "all inclusive, business class and personal concierge service" we seem to have come to the conclusion that we crave convenience. We now appreciate a WiFi password, USB port, charging station, movies on demand and endless bottles of sparkling water.

When I have overnight guests, I make sure I provide all that. I set up casual "drinking stations", inside and out, with alcoholic (& non-alcoholic ;) beverages. I have managed to collect every charger over the years to make sure all are available for the techie and the kid techie hand-me-downs. For the guest who wants to relax and do a bit of binge watching, I provide them access to Netflix and Amazon. In the past, I have even scheduled a yoga instructor for a 9 a.m. class on the deck, for my guests to really take advantage of the fresh mountain air.

I love to see my friends enjoying life. Most of us are under pressure for different reasons. So when we are able to get away together, we just want to decompress and laugh... a lot.

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