6 Quick Tips Turning Your Home From Cluttered to Creative

I love how some home organizing articles will refer to a pantry, laundry room or mudroom. Well, what if you live an apartment or small home where your laundry room is shared with your neighbors in the basement, or your mudroom is really just a set of 3 hooks behind your front door?

Real-life, real-people with real-tips to enjoy city living...

Start Small. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Begin with one room and focus only on that room until it is completely finished. Declutter a little at a time. Straighten a drawer then the next day, clean out your medicine cabinet. If you take on too much at once, your place may become a mess. Then you can't finish what you have started because you are burnt out.

The 2-Second Rule. Do I really need this?

Pull out any object and ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" You must answer that question in 2 seconds. If yes, find the proper place for it. If not, trash it. If you can't answer in 2 seconds... trash it.

Baskets Are Best Friends.

Mid Century Modern or Coastal Chic, there is a basket that exists in the perfect color, shape and size for every room. Use baskets to hold clothing, books, blankets, etc.

Be Creative With Wall Space.

Built-ins are great, but sometimes I feel they are closing in on me. They look pretty all decorated. However,soon they become a displayed mess. Be creative by using unconventional items as storage. I have an old ladder that I painted and propped up against the wall. This ladder now holds extra blankets. I spray painted a towel rack a bright yellow and hung it in my daughter's room to hold all her funky jewelry and sunglasses.


Just don't. If you have a "collection" inside your home, especially in an apartment, it's just too much. No one will appreciate it. If they tell you different, they are lying.

Leave Your Shoes At The Front Door (NOT).

Love, love them.. but only on your feet. Don't keep them in a pile next to the front door. Store them in boxes or on shelves, in your bedroom. Storage ottomans are a great idea for shoes and make a lovely addition to any bedroom or closet.

Clearing the clutter will allow you to fall in love with your home again.

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