6 Tips for Living Room Design...Without Disturbing Relationship Bliss

Mars Versus Venus, He Said She Said, Pink, Blue..etc. Sharing a space with your mate can be difficult. Decorating a space with your mate can be grounds for separation.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when decorating your living room with your special someone.

1. It's His Idea.

You know what you want. However, introduce your concept of the living room as if you have come up with it together. Let him explain his ideas, for now. Just get the ball rolling on the project.

2. Electronics.

You know men love their electronics. I say, let them be, but just conceal. Incorporate a sleek flat panel tv above a great mid century modern credenza. You can also frame a tv with a sound bar, and decorate around it, to make a great gallery wall.

3. Comfy Sofa.

One piece of advice given to me when I got married, was to "choose" to lose a few arguments. I choose this one. If he is not comfortable, it may rock his world. Comfy doesn't necessary mean sloppy. Room and Board make great custom sofas that will allow you to build from the ground up. You choose whats important to you and let him add his own spin.

4. Storage.

Add plenty of drawers, boxes and baskets so the space is tidy. He needs his remotes, blanket and the New York Sunday Times within arm's reach.

5. Easy on the Throw Pillows.

He will "throw" the pillows if they are in his way when he is ready to watch the next debate or World Series. Use just a few pillows for a pop of color and texture.

6. Anchor with an Area Rug.

An area rug will bring everything together in your living room. I have a formula when choosing the color. If you want a very light color in your living room, then don't splurge. You may need to replace the rug sooner than you think, due to the look of wear and tear. Forget about "shoes off" rule. If you prefer darker or more design, then spend the most you can.

good luck ;)

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