Game Night

Many of us take a family vacation so we can reconnect with our loved ones.

So when choosing your vacation rental make sure it is equipped with loads of fun for all ages. A great way for families to bond is playing good ole' board games. I stocked our lake house with nearly 25 boards games. Throughout the family room and bar room, I have placed trivia card games such as, "Who Am I" and "What Would You Do." to promote great family conversation. During the winter months I added a 1000 piece puzzle table that sits near the bar. This allows my 72 year old father to sit with his 13 year old granddaughter, to puzzle together, in the company of his sons and daughters, enjoying a delicious amaretto by the fire.

When booking your next family vacation rental, make sure the home is stocked with fun.

Game Board Suggestions: Beat the Parents, Kids Trivial Pursuit, Life, Rush Hour, Heads Up, Headbanz, Chess, Checkers, Chutes & Ladders, Operation, Scrabble, Pictionary.

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