Tips for a Girls' Weekend

1. Reserve an Amazing Hotel. It's a big girls' sleepover! It's been awhile since you got ready while dancing along to loud music and doing your make-up, with a crowd of besties in front of the mirror. Get ready (and sleep) in style and comfort...and don't forget to download your favorite playlist.

2. Book a Table at a Casual, Nearby Restaurant. It's time to be silly. Don't get stuck wasting time looking for a restaurant that will suit your needs and hunger pains. Plan ahead with Open Table app to reserve a table nearby. Walking distance would be perfect so you don't have to hassle with Uber. Choose a casual place that allows plenty of laughter and serves a variety of delicious cocktails. I "almost never" reserve a table without previewing the cocktail menu. A great cocktail always gets the party started.

3. Plan Your Outfit. Anything goes as long as your outfit makes you feel fabulous. I don't like to follow fashion rules, however, I do believe it's always better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed. You want to make sure you are dressed for where the night might take you.

4. Get a Blow-Out. Don't fuss and take the load out of your toiletry bag. A fabulous hair day leads to a fabulous night.

5. Primp & Polish. Don't want to get too personal here. You are sharing a room and they will see you barefoot and naked. Remember the conversation between Samantha and Miranda, on the sun lounger, in the Sex and the City Movie?! Enough said.

6. Pack Your Bags. You look great and you have everything you need. Now you need to pack it all up in a nice weekender bag. Target, Hermes, whatever...Just make sure it's not your kid's backpack.


7. Be Yourself. These girls know you better than most, and they love you.

Have a great time because you deserve it.

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