Items For The Perfect Wardrobe Capsule

"I have nothing to wear." Yet, you cannot fit another shoe in your closet.

I am amazed how many clothes people own. I once entered a friend's closet that gave me anxiety because there was too much. All the shoes, jeans and jewelry made my head spin.

Edit. Edit. Edit.

When shopping, I refer to my purchases as "investment pieces." My investment pieces are items that I have carefully chosen to add to my wardrobe. I call them investment pieces (which annoys my husband) because they may be pricey, however, they will become a part of my closet forever. I have a very small closet with an extremely minimal amount of clothes.

I will spend a nice amount of money on a handbag, and that's fine. I just make sure it will be one that fits my wardrobe and lifestyle for many, many years to come. If you are constantly buying clothing at low market rates, in the end, you will be spending more than if you bought designer. Why? Quality, longevity and function.

The following items are the essentials for the Perfect Wardrobe Capsule:

1. Skin Deep. A perfect fitting bra and panty can make you look slimmer and give you the a near perfection silhouette. Go to Nordstrom and ask to be fitted for a bra. You should try ten bras at minimum, to find the perfect fit.

2. Jeans & Joggers. I prefer not to wear blue jeans because it makes me feel underdressed and sometimes sloppy. However, there are occasions where jeans should be the choice of attire. On those occasions I opt for fitted black jeans with a bit of stretch (Zara) or black satin joggers (Club Monaco). You can dress them up with a half-tucked sweater, a leather jacket, or dress down with your favorite tee.

3. Moto Jacket. I have worn my moto jacket while running daytime errands and also over my evening cocktail dress. You can choose any color. Leather or vegan. Just make sure it fits perfectly. On a colder night, I will also layer it over a thin down vest or add a huge wool scarf. I prefer to wear my moto jacket out on a Saturday night rather than my big heavy coat. That's what Uber is for, right?

4. V-Neck Sweater. I love them for their versatility and comfort. Most of my friends prefer cashmere. Personally I can't take 30 seconds in cashmere. It makes my skin crazy. I stock black cotton...which allows me to have more than one...or four ;)

5. Tee-Amo. Find a tee that you love and fits well. Then buy a few colors... and many in your favorite color.

6. LBD. Little Black Dress. Of course I have to put this in. Opt for a straight silhouette that allows you to layer with all of the above... yes, even the black fitted jeans. Just hike it up with a twist & tuck.

7. Bag & Booties. Invest not only your money, but also your time, in searching for these pieces. Make sure both the bag & booties are timeless, functional and comfortable. If you feel great wearing them, then you will wear them often.

8. Cool Casual Street Sneaker. Hello, Vodka...please never let this trend die! I am so happy walking around NYC in my ivory, suede Pumas. But don't loose yourself. If you can go to the gym in the outfit you are wearing with your Pumas, then go back to your closet and bump it up a notch.

9. Men's Watch. Why a men's watch? It makes a statement and it's easily seen. You can wear it loose as a bangle or over your sleeve. Make sure the watch reflects your personality.

10. Smile and Sense of Humor. Without them, life would be soooo boring.

Stay Fabulous

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