My Space is Small but my Life is BIG


Lately I find myself thinking, how big of a home is really necessary? How big is "big enough"? After visiting a brownstone yesterday, I found myself walking around one empty room after another and wondering, "What would I do with all this space?" instead of "I really want this!" My home is small, but why do I still love it?

We have chosen to live in the city for what it has to offer; museums, parks, entertainment, education, never know who you will run into next...helllooo Lenny Kravitz (this past Friday night!). However, for many of us, our zip code has come with a price...lack of square footage.

Since most of us cannot change square footage, here are 5 tips to make your space functional for the moments you are home, and not out enjoying your big life:

1. Everything Should Have Its Own Place. Large closets are as common as trips to Xandau. Do as the Europeans and add wardrobes throughout your home. I recently added a double wide, floor to ceiling wardrobe in my hallway. The wardrobe is in a neutral color, a light grey to match my walls, and without the hardware, to give it a seamless look. There is so much room that I actually have empty space in my closets now.

2. Furniture Should Have More Than One Function. Since space is like liquid gold, don't bring in a piece of furniture that can only provide one service. An example would be the bedside table. Instead of matching a low table on each side of the bed, opt for a slim desk on one side and an art wall ledge on the other side. The desk provides a space for your laptop, and also a place for you to lay down your book (& iPad) before you fall asleep.

3. Edit Absolutely Everything. Those who know me well have heard this many times before...For the love of every creature on earth, please control your spending on things you already have. For those things that you already have and don't use, trash or donate. Why store things you just don't have a need for? ugh

4. Easy On the Tchotchkes. I love Home Goods just as much as the next person, especially on a Tuesday when their truckload comes in. However, maintain self control. It's a great place to find some innovative storage solutions such as wheeled under-bed toy boxes and wire wall baskets . Just remember to unload your cart of the spheres and statues before it's your turn at the register. Too many baubles will just make your home feel cluttered and uncomfortable.

5. Let the Sunshine In. If my neighbor across the street didn't mind, I would not have window coverings ;) Windows let the life and sun shine through. Change out your heavy window coverings and blinds for something simple as a solar shade or gauzy panels. If you require more privacy in the evening, then lightly layer the look and use both when needed.

Now get out there and enjoy that city you are living here for.

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