6 Tips on Finding Your Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant

This weekend I attended a friend's grand opening of their 3rd neighborhood restaurant. The place is decorated with all the comforts that give you the feeling of never wanting to leave...cozy fireplace, comfortable bar, and plenty of whimsical art to admire. When we got home from the amazing night, it had me thinking....What makes the perfect neighborhood restaurant?

1. Food and cocktails. This should be without saying, but just in case.

2. Place where they know your name. Norm was right. This is not to make you feel important, but it will make you feel good supporting your local business where the owner has now become family.

3. People. If you are in your 40s then the people should be around the same age as you. I don't care how cool you think you are. If you are in a place packed with 20 somethings, they are wondering what the old people (that's you) are doing there. Not to mention, why wouldn't you want to be in a place feeling good about running into old friends?

4. Location. If you can't Uber there in less than 7 minutes, then it's not in the neighborhood.

5. Not a Dive. Some need a reason to get dressed and look their best.

6. Table for 10. There are nights I just want to just have dinner at the bar with my best friend. Then, there's Girls Night! Whatever your plans may be, you want to make sure the restaurant can accommodate every mood...because we know we have so, so many.

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