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My apartment was rented in a timely manner, by the first serious viewers, in large part, by the efforts of BLISSFUL RD,  a certified property staging company.   

Claudia Orlando is very much a “hands-on” owner/operator and is a whirlwind of energy and ideas.  While there are many virtues to our property and we feel we have a solid, tasteful aesthetic, Claudia’s modifications enlightened and enhanced the apartment in ways we would have not imagined.  She has  a very solid sense of market taste which is tailored  specifically to the individual property. This is done unobtrusively and fully in the spirit of partnership with the owner.  

Equally unobtrusive is the manner in which the work is done.  Furniture and other items are moved. added, changed with care and consideration within a very reasonable time frame.  There is a distinct sense of responsibility and consideration towards your property and your time.

In terms of both planning and execution, I can think of no way in which BLISSFUL RD could have improved in presenting our apartment in it’s most flattering light.

Gratefully, I most highly recommend Ms. Orlando and her company.

                 Fred S., owner TOWER WEST APARTMENT- West New York,  New Jersey

Claudia and Blissful Road, thank you- we were a bit anxious at the prospect of someone coming in and rearranging our home, but somehow you made it MORE ours than even we had done. You worked with our style, taking our pieces and made the most of them. You listened to us and, while we did our best to let you work your magic, you took our requests to heart. You were fun and intuitive and fast. Now our apartment looks amazing- both in photos and in person. It gives us a great sense of confidence as the apartment hits the market- we’re looking forward to updating you with a huge success story!

             Ben & Heather, sellers - Hoboken, New Jersey

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